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Collaboration and Workforce Transformation utilizing the latest technology with uninterrupted connections.

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Universal can help your company operate at peak efficiency by communicating effectively from any location.

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Collaboration Infrastructure

Today, productivity in the workplace hinges on the ability to communicate quickly and effectively from various locations at any time of the day.

Collaboration Infrastructure gives you this capability by integrating the latest communication technology into your business and, with 24/7 customer service available, you will be consistently connected and operating at peak efficiency.

Across high-density workspaces and numerous devices, unified communications will bring your various collaboration elements under one roof, enhancing productivity and supporting enterprise growth, and face-to-face communication has never been easier with video and web conferencing.
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Dedicated to providing clients with customized technology solutions to meet their business needs.

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We keep your customers and you, both, updated on the status of the package-in-transit,

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We keep your customers and you, both, updated on the status of the package-in-transit,

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Workforce Transformation

All of your applications will be managed on a scale large enough to accommodate even the most complex enterprises.

We also design and deploy rooms that integrate with collaboration endpoints, AV devices and control systems, which allows for rooms of great complexity to be managed by the simple tap of a screen.

Our team can design and deploy rooms to suit any need.

Our collaboration elements include:

  • Conferencing  
  • Messaging
  • Telepresence
  • Enterprise social software
  • IP telephony  
  •  Operation Centers
  •  IPTV
  • Collaboration Meeting Rooms
  • Video Walls 
  •  Room Automation
  • Digital Signage
  • Network AV Broadcasting
Complex operations control room using multple AV devices and screens.