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Strategy & Advisory services that helps the alignment and realignment of technology to business and operational requirements.

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Strategy & Advisory

How effectively does your use of technology support your overall business strategy and organizational objectives?

Creating business value is predicated on a fully aligned IT strategy, and strategy is the sole point of origin for IT services that deliver such value.
It provides guidance on clarification and prioritization of investments in services.

Most Universal team members arrived here after years of working in various business sectors – financial services, pharma, technology, and others.

We understand the business context of IT services and have helped clients on multi-year roadmaps, product evaluation and selection, sourcing and finance strategies, migration methodologies, and IT advisory.
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Solutions Architecture and Design

Sound IT architecture and design is the product of sound strategy.

Our engineering teams will support your digital transformation strategies and can work with you on infrastructure assessments (as-is and target designs), technology architecture, proof of concept projects, and best-practice deployment plans, across multiple IT disciplines.