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Worldwide Services

Global Reach

By tapping into our global network infrastructure, you will be able to reach the locations that matter to you and have the flexibility to operate effectively within that network.

  • Worldwide Network Operations Centers.
  • Guaranteed direct access to support.
  • Exactly when you need it.
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seasoned professionals


From senior architects to network engineers and everything in between, our team members come from backgrounds as diverse as they are specialized.

Custom Solution

With Universal, you won't get a pre-packaged offering. We architect solutions specifically with your needs in mind and nothing else.

The few times that I tried to come up with a better solution on my own, I slowly come to the realization that what they offered was the best solution after a hours of research.
–Brian Schultz, Director of Network Operations.
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Key Solutions

Build a fast, reliable environment that helps increase revenue, enter new markets, and improve productivity and operational performance.

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Cloud Solutions

Your Cloud environment never stands still, so your strategy and operational oversight can neither.

Let us create a robust cloud environment seamlessly integrating cloud security, cloud networking, and cloud operations.

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Network Security

The network security needs of every business are different.

We provide you with a completely customized infrastructure security explicitly designed to meet your needs.

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Wireless & Mobility

Optimize your mobile device management by employing our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) program.  

It gives you the control to securely monitor all devices, applications, data, and content.

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client benefits

You'll have everything you need to grow your business


Global Hosting Facilities :
Facilities strategically located around the world with the ability to reach global financial markets.


Highly Trained Technicians:
Premium Remote Hands provides assistance for remote management, installations, and troubleshooting.


Flexible hosting models, Equipment Installations, and Configurations: Leverage our cutting-edge network capabilities and partnerships with leading industry providers.


Industry experts :
Expertise and experience in working with LANs, WANs and MANs, ensure that you will receive the best service that will exceed your expectations.


Productivity: Productivity in the workplace hinges on the ability to communicate quickly and effectively from various locations at any time of the day.


Unified Communications: Bring your various collaboration elements under one roof, enhancing productivity and supporting enterprise growth, and face-to-face communication has never been easier with video and web conferencing.


Enterprise Management: We will manage all your applications on a scale large enough to accommodate even the most complex enterprises.


Design and Deploy:
Our team can design and deploy rooms to suit any need. Our collaboration elements include:
Conferencing,  Messaging,  Telepresence,
Enterprise social software,  IP telephony,  Collaboration Meeting Rooms,  IPTV,  Operation Centers, Video Walls,  Room Automation,  Network AV Broadcasting,  Digital Signage.


Professional Services:
With a combination of exceptional project management skills and industry expertise, we offer you a variety of solutions that will exceed your expectations and allow you to meet your goals effectively and efficiently.


Managed Services: Very few companies have the time or resources necessary to manage and monitor their environment proactively. But with our Managed Services program, our experts are constantly monitoring every aspect of your network’s performance with state-of-the-art applications.


Technology Sourcing & Managed Maintenance: Our procurement services offer you the opportunity to leverage our relationships with primary partners in order to obtain the assets you need to achieve maximum results.


Strategy & Advisory: The key to a successful IT objective requires strategy and execution to be precisely congruent. The connection between the two is vital for achieving business initiative goals.

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Brian Schultz

Director of Network Operations

“Marc and his team are extremely prompt and always offer a solution that best fits our needs. The few times that I tried to come up with a better solution on my own, I slowly realized that what they offered was the best solution after hours of research. It's nice to go to them with a problem and say, "figure it out for me, please," and shortly afterward have a turnkey solution.”

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Fernando Robayo

Senior Vice President

“Universal Technology Solutions has a customer-first mindset and provides actual value by partnering with us across all infrastructure technology solutions.”

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Timothy Gunter

Manager, Networking and Telephony2

“I have worked with Universal Technology Solutions for over the last decade. They are truly a trusted partner and have not steered us wrong or tried to oversell us.

I would and do recommend them to anyone looking for enterprise network support.”

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Sourabh Vishnoi

Solution Architect Cloud and Linux

“Cloud technology consulting is a specialized field that requires a deep understanding of cloud ecosystem and cutting-edge technologies, such as network topology architecture, ease of cloud services, etc.

That is the reason we chose Universal Technology Solutions.”

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Pulkit Agrawal

Co-Founder, Chameleon

“Universal Technology Solutions provided excellent service, quick responses and creative solutions for our needs.”

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Uday Raval

Technical Solutions Architect

“Universal Technology Solutions provides the best solutions for our customers while being a true partner to us as a vendor. Universal often has a seat at the table with the C-Suite and has earned that trust based on their success within the customer base.”

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Awarded top managed service provider by leader in technology solution provider.

Award for top managed service provider of 2022
Award for top managed service provider of  2020
Award for top managed service provider of  2019
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Frequently asked questions

Here clearing all your doubts

See below for how we can help you and what you can expect from us

How can Universal Technology help us?

Universal Technology can provide a free comprehensive review of your network, compute and cloud infrastructure, and offer suggestions on improving operational efficiency.

What you can expect from us?

Access to the Experts – this is our customized turnkey service for any business interested in leveraging the latest technology to take their business to the next level. By working side-by-side with our team, a true partnership is formed that yields measurable results for your business.

What industries do you have experience with?

Extensive experience in the Financial, Healthcare, Public Sector & Government, Retail, and Aviation Industries.

What can I expect from the free 14-day evaluation?

We will facilitate a technical workshop with your staff, focusing one or two areas top of mind within your environment and  we will prepare a report outlining our findings and Insights as well as potential roadmaps for improvements.

What are your key Strengths?

Engineering-heavy business model - ~75% of employees from technology disciplines, Flat organizational structure - greater agility, higher client visibility and Global execution capabilities - can meet client needs anywhere

Where are you located?  

New York , Hoboken NJ,  London, Mexico and Gurgaon India.

How many people do you have on staff?

~140 Employees worldwide

Where can I find a complete list of your capabilities?

See here for full list of our capabilities.

What are your most recent completed engagements?

See here for full list of our recent engagements.