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Consistent Monitoring– Free your resources from the need to constantly manage and monitor your network by placing it in our expert’s hands.

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Dedicated to providing clients with customized technology solutions to meet their business needs.

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We keep your customers and you, both, updated on the status of the package-in-transit,

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We keep your customers and you, both, updated on the status of the package-in-transit,

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Domain-specific Managed Services

Our managed services practice includes many domain-specific programs:

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Manged Datacenter

We monitor and manage a multitude of Datacenter technologies – switching, compute, storage, micro-segmentation, wireless, remote-worker access, Internet, security, and more.
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Managed Unifed Collaboration

We specialize in the full suite of Cisco unified collaboration technologies - call management, voice mail, video, web collaboration,  gateways, and more, in regional, national,  and global footprints.
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Managed SD-WAN

As more organizations transition from traditional to software-defined WANs, new operational architypes follow.  Command-line configurations and provisioning are relegated, while underlying Internet/carrier stability, BW capacity, application profiling, cloud, and security are heightened.  We can complement your engineering skillset to optimize your SD-WAN operations.
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Managed metro-area networks

Regional/metro networks have specialized operational focus – high-speed, low-latency, optical networking, datacenter interconnect, transparent failover, tuned monitoring, and a high degree of technical expertise.  We build, monitor, and manage high-performance MANs for your distinctive business requirements.
Woman engineer in datacenter reviewing capacity management

Capacity Management

Engineers can review a collective volume of utilization data, threshold-triggered events, reports, and trending over extended periods of time, to alert on and predict capacity issues.  

We will make recommendations to improve efficacy of the managed components (e.g. CPU, memory, bandwidth, storage) to help mitigate risks associated with capacity limitations.

Vendor Management

We can quickly help orchestrate your other suppliers – cloud, colo, hardware, software, WAN, Internet, telecom - when you need to the most... when resolving unplanned incidents in your environment.  We can manage within your vendor maintenance SLAs, and manage handling of RMAs.
Busy Operations center for managed services

Operations Center

Our Operations Center serves client globally, and is staffed by engineers certified in a multitude of vendor technologies.   The team monitors, logs, tracks, and manages incidents through to resolution, and will work directly with your strategic vendors for escalations.  We can accommodate different subscription models, from dedicated support staff with custom support SLAs, to shared support resources.

Analytics & Monitoring

Monitoring your production environment requires concurrent inspection of thousands of parameters.  Analytics and interactive visualization are key factors in maintaining clarity of environmental health, and in diagnosing performance degradation and complex incidents.  We can create customized dashboards tuned to your environment to track your KPIs, coupled with directed notification and escalation runbooks.
Business person operating calculator to assess cloud cost management

Managed FinOps

Cloud Cost Management is always near the top challenges that organizations face; for many it has surpassed Data Security.  But simply deploying cost optimization tools is not the solution.  

Proper policy and oversight, as a precursor to tooling, are critical to cost visibility and optimization of cloud expenditure.  

Many organizations realize too late that investment in Cloud has far exceeded investment in cloud financial governance.  We can help you optimize and refine your model for cloud finance and build a roadmap to get there.

Managed CloudOps

Cloud will facilitate business efficiencies, cost-benefits, and competitive advantages - but it won't simplify your operational burden.  Developing a mature operational framework, with ongoing governance, is critical.  

We can help you improve your operational model, at whatever stage of maturity your cloud governance model is in.  We have helped clients across multiple facets of their Cloud Operations, including runbook development, monitoring optimization, ticketing system optimization, full-stack support, and more.