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Connectivity Services that help your business create the connections you need to run effectively.

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We are a carrier-neutral provider, so our only priority is delivering the right network services for your specific needs.

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Connectivity Downtime

Experiencing downtime to connectivity services can be costly and challenging for business customers. Any interruption in service drastically affects your business resulting in a loss of revenue.

Additionally, you may experience damage to brand reputation, customer satisfaction, a loss of trust and loyalty, and employee productivity will decrease.According to industry experts*, the average cost of downtime per year is $163,674

Depending on size, the cost of downtime per hour is estimated to be $8,500 for a small business, $215,00 for mid-sized enterprises, and $686,000 for larger companies.Therefore businesses must use every tool to minimize downtime to connectivity services; this is where Universal Technology can help.

*Source: The True Cost of Downtime
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"It's always hard saying goodbye to a project because we think of it as 'our' brand, as much as our partners do."
-Katrina Masters, Developer, Uplift
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Universal Technology Connectivity Services

At our core, we are network engineers. But our fresh approach, deep expertise, and ability to be flexible and nimble in implementing advanced networks are what set us apart.

We can help you create the connections your business needs to run effectively, from standard network deployment to the most complex architectures.

As a carrier-neutral provider, you can be assured that our first priority is delivering the right network services for your specific needs.

Network Services, combined with Managed Services, provides you with an end-to-end solution that covers the entire spectrum of your network connectivity.
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The Benefits

Full-service support with proactive monitoring, Global reach, Highly competitive pricing, Carrier-neutral approach


  • LAN/WAN/MAN Connectivity
  • Offsite storage
  • Video conferencing
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery service
  • Streaming data
  • Private lines
  • Metro connectivity
  • Dark Fiber networks